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Feeling the love from my Clients

They say our children and our clients are our biggest teachers and I couldn't agree more. 

I have been incredibly blessed to work with so many wonderful, colourful people who have taught me as much as I have them and I am grateful and humbled to share their kind words. 

Lavender Fields

Mrs W,
United Kingdom

"I can't thank you enough for being my guidance & my clear vision Tiff"

"The sun is shining, and I feel so blessed for those people in my life, new and old. I'm not sure what my 'everything happens for a reason' is but I'm feeling positive and excited about what may lie ahead. That feeling. I'm truly grateful and inspired by you.


I can't thank you enough for being my guidance & my clear vision Tiff. I always knew you were a special person. And a truly gifted one too.. Thank you for clearing my pathway xx"

Noarlunga South Australia


"Tiffany truly is the most inspiring person you will ever meet"

"She has an amazing way of making you realise your worth"

"Tiffany truly is the most inspiring person you will ever meet.  She has the ability to calm you down, make you see things from a different perspective and turn your way of thinking around.  She works her magic in so many ways and I have had the pleasure in seeing it from all perspectives, I have worked with Tiffany with RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy  which does transcend you to a new level of thinking and makes you realise how your mind really does control so many of your emotions - it is hard work to get you to a better place but so much more worth it - the important part of this process is to do what she says and make sure you listen to the recordings as the mind learns from repetition.  She has an amazing way of making you realise your worth.  Tiffany has helped me with my confidence, my self esteem , getting my life back on track and working towards a more positive "Me". She has shown me how strong I can be and how I am worthy  of life love and happiness and made me realise that I am the one who controls that.  I am a much better person and so much stronger because of her.


I have also had the pleasure of  becoming a client of hers with essential oils for both myself, my family and my little pug!  I regularly reach for my blends and carry them with me all the time. I have my few faves.


Do yourself a favour and get in touch with Tiff, you wont regret it, and her videos will brighten your day and put a smile on your face."

Foggy Waters

United Kingdom

"Tiffany is a truly amazing person. Her kind and understanding nature makes her an approachable person. From the moment you meet her, whether in person or over the phone, she makes you feel relaxed and at ease with yourself.

Her passion and extensive knowledge of essential oils will mean she will always find something to help you. The time she puts into making sure she gets exactly what you need is remarkable and you won’t be disappointed.

Tiffany will always go above and beyond to help anyone and ensure she finds exactly what you need at that point in your life.

I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy but I had a truly remarkable experience with Tiffany which allowed me to open my mind and be more responsive to it. Thank you x"

"The time she puts into making sure she gets exactly what you need is remarkable and you won't be disappointed"

Wheat Field

Natasha S,
United Kingdom

"I have recently experienced deep loss in losing my best friend and companion, my dog - taken way before his time should have been due. This left me lost, confused, lonely - deep depression surrounded me, I thought there was no way out. Tiffany has literally been the 'angel' on my shoulder - her understanding of feelings and emotions is something I have not experienced with anyone. Where I wanted to lock myself away and wallow in my own sadness and despair - Tiffany was constant with her kind compassionate words, support, love and most of all understanding. Without this support there is no way I would be as far along in the grieving process - or simply being able to accept what has happened.


Tiffany is so empathetic, she genuinely cares about getting you to a safe place, her energy is pure and clear - I can not recommend anyone more highly.

Tiffany, thank you from the deepest part of my soul - you are amazing! X"

"Tiffany has literally been the 'angel' on my shoulder,  her understanding of feelings and emotions is something I have not experienced with anyone"

Hand Writing

Lucy T,
United Kingdom

"At first I was sceptical to try RTT as all I’d really seen of ‘hypnosis’ or ‘hypnotherapy’ beforehand had been people in film or TV usually mocking it. I’ve had anxiety for pretty much as long as I can remember, but I particularly noticed it getting bad around the age of 14/15. A lot of my anxiety manifested itself in my friendships and relationships, due to a couple of unpleasant experiences with guys when I was younger.  Because of this, I used to overthink a lot in my relationships and often ended up ruining them, purely because I found it impossible to trust them. 

"I had a lot more confidence in my own decisions and choices"

After my first RTT session, I found myself more able to question my thoughts and really challenge them after applying the thinking Tiff taught me. I found listening to the recordings Tiff sent me very helpful, especially before bed.  After listening to the recording for about 2 weeks, I noticed that my confidence in myself grew, and that I’d regained a lot of my ambition and passion that I’d lost. I had a lot more confidence in my own decisions and choices, and began to regain my passion for playwriting! 

"I regained the ambition and passion I'd lost"

It’s now about 4-5 months since my first RTT session and I am so glad that I decided to go through with it. I’ve found myself more able to cope with situations that previously would’ve been too stressful for me to deal with, and throw myself into situations that previously I would’ve avoided entirely. I particularly found the phrase ‘It’s not positive thinking, it’s accurate thinking, so what is accurate and truthful in this very moment?’ very helpful, as it allowed me to rationalise what was really happening and what I had just been overthinking in my head. I’m in a much better place now than I was about 6 months ago."


Sam T,
United Kingdom

"Tiffany is very skilled and works with a high degree of intuition and empathy. I couldn't recommend her highly enough"

"I have been struggling for many years with feeling stuck and trapped. I have recently retrained and qualified for a new venture and career change. However, I have hit an impasse in the last few months and found my confidence diminishing. 


Tiffany was terrific. I immediately felt that I could trust her in the initial consultation and felt safe with her during the RTT session. I could let my feelings surface and work through them.  She also provided insightful guidance which allowed me to view my issues from another perspective. At no point during the session was she intrusive and she did not over interpret by putting words into my mouth. The session has given cause for much reflection and will be of great benefit for me moving forward. 


Tiffany is very skilled and works with a high degree of intuition and empathy.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough." 


United Kingdom

"This lovely lady will give you her heart and soul"

"I have watched Tiffany grow and develop her amazing gift for helping people. She has worked hard learning and understanding how she can best help you understand why and how we do the things we do.


Her empathy, ability to just listen and gentle guidance has helped me to be the person I wanted and needed to be. Her wealth of knowledge in her field is incredible and she makes you feel safe in her knowledge and support.


This lovely lady will give you her heart and soul, and is the calm waters in this turbulent sea of life."

Big Ben

Mrs L,
United Kingdom

"I really benefited from your therapy.  We sold the house,  put everything in storage,  had a long holiday and returned and bought our new home before the lock-down started. Perfect timing.  We did all the things I wanted,  and if we'd left it for a few months I don't think we'd have sold the house and certainly not had a 10 week holiday.   I feel 'Footloose and fancy free,  as light as a feather'. Thank you so much. xxx"

"I feel footloose and fancy free, as light as a feather"

Mountain Lake


"My blood pressure was too high and I wasn’t sleeping, loosing weight and not being able to function in life or at work. Then we watched one of your videos and I was close to tears as what you were saying resonated with me.  


I have since watched your videos many times already, I have bought my treadmill and watch your videos while exercising. I am making my vision board together with a friend. I have also worked on family and friends and have worked out who is significant and who is not. I feel fortunate to have your help while I have been having family troubles for the last 20 years. 


You are amazing to me, came along at the best time when I needed your wonderful direction. I am up early every morning before work exercising and eating healthy. Joined a book club and writing club.  My husband is so very understanding and says what ever helps me helps him. You are extremely good and I thank you for all you have done for me."

"We watched one of your videos and I was close to tears"

Ray of Light

United Kingdom

"Tiffany has kept my body relaxed and my mind clean"

"I cannot believe it is only many people I have no idea of the day/date or even the time. Being busy at a time like this (post lockdown from CV-19) is wonderful but it does take its toll on your body. I have a very special friend looking after me ❤️ I’ve invested in oils to help me sleep, to give me energy, anxiety relief, immune boosting name it, I have it!!! Every morning I switch on my diffuser and take 5 minutes to breathe, during the day I roll on oils over my wrists to relax me and in the evening I use oils to help me sleep. Tiffany Spalding has kept my body relaxed and my mind clean."

Aerial Pine Trees

United Kingdom

"You are a very approachable, kind person who devotes a lot of time thinking about others and you really seemed to “feel” what I was going through.  I felt the same about the oils as just before my holiday, I was suffering with a sore throat and my cough was bad and you suggested the use of Douglas Fir Oil which I used every day and it really helped me. I also am really grateful for your 'after care'. You are a very caring person, which is a great quality and I think that is a great advert for both your oils and RTT business and I would strongly recommend you to anyone." 

"You really seemed to 'feel' what I was going through"

Marrakesh Market

United Kingdom

"The power of the oils enabled me to travel abroad to an important business meeting with injured ribs after a fall. It literally felt like confidence in a bottle and empowered me to feel 'I've got this'. Thanks for a huge dose of optimism."

Rock Balancing

United Kingdom

"I experienced an immediate and positive impact on how I felt about my cancer diagnosis. I had always been positive but struggled with it dominating my thoughts, it doesn’t do that now and that stopped from straight after the RTT session. I feel so much more balanced and in control. Each time I listen to my recording this is reinforced."

"I feel so much more balanced and in control"


Mrs M,

"Tiffany has been an absolute Godsend to me over the past six months , from the introduction of oils, diffusers and RTT into my life, it is amazing how much better I feel and what a transformational difference this has made to my life. 

"What a transformational difference to my life"

Tiff has done some RTT with me in order to overcome some serious issues currently going on in my life as well as emotional, self-esteem and self confidence issues.  I can also say I was sceptical but I found the process well and truly worked for me. I did find that you absolutely have to listen to the recordings she sends you as without those I don’t think I would have been as successful.  I now find if I am ever in doubt I turn to the recordings she made me.  

I finally now know I am good enough and I will be coming back for more xxx"

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

United Kingdom

"I had a great RTT session with Tiff, she took the time beforehand to understand my problems, my fears and what I wanted the outcome to be. Tiff seems to have a special gift to connect with individuals, understand and ask questions, to help her know how best to help them move forward. 


I felt different after the session, we found two of the blocks that have been holding me back and I came away feeling like I have been given permission to get on with my life and move things forward.

"I came away feeling I have been given permission to get on with my life"

I had a great first week especially and everything seemed to work out nicely even when I had a few set backs. It was like the traffic lights were all green and everything went smoothly. ​I think RTT is amazing and would definitely recommend Tiff because she has so much empathy for others and just wants to help people live their best life. Tiff is also very knowledgeable about how essential oils can help with emotions which is perfect for processing emotions after the session plus her Health Scanner is very accurate for a more personal view of what can help you best. Well done Tiff and thank you!"

Mount Fuji

United Kingdom

"I feel empowered yet calm and ready to be the new me"

"I’m at the start of my journey with Tiffany but just being able to talk to someone who understands me and listens to me has been a great motivation for change. I have come away from our first meeting feeling empowered yet calm and ready to be a new ‘me’ and I’m able to talk with my partner calmly about how I want to change.

The ITOVi scan is incredible! It immediately highlighted the areas I need Doterra Oils help and I have so much confidence in the findings because it was scarily accurate!! Well worth it!"

Sky Full of Light

United Kingdom

"I now feel a sense of relief and a huge weight of emotional pain has been lifted. Now I feel I can start enjoying life and feel less stressed, anxious and feel calm."

"A huge weight of emotional pain has been lifted"


United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail, for listening, interpreting and guidance"

"The joy of sharing a journey into healing with oils has been so easy, helpful and life enhancing. Only because of the support, care and advice that Tiffany has provided to me from day 1. Thank you so much for your attention to detail, for listening, interpreting and guidance. I so look forward to sharing this journey of healing with you into the future.

Truly, Tiffany is so knowledgeable, kind, supportive and caring 💚 "

Spa Ingredients

United Kingdom

"First call when in trouble - Tiffany! Help! Whether it’s a nosebleed, arthritis, burn, jaw ache (stress related), hay-fever, diarrhoea or sleeplessness that’s my immediate reaction!


Cannot praise those little bottles of magic highly enough and as for the fund of knowledge that comes with them - incredible and so very comforting!


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tiffany and her RTT and oil skills to everyone!"

Yellow Flowers

Sue V,
United Kingdom

"Ordered Deep Blue Rub from Tiffany to help with muscle pain. It has helped enormously.


Everything I've bought from Tiff over a number of years has been good- and her service is superb. X"

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Mrs H,

“Tiffany had a near death experience and I am sure that a higher power wanted her to survive because she has much more to share with the world. Essential Oils being one of those gifts. I am so blown away by Tiffany’s  knowledge on essential oils, her warm personality and her passion about everything she does.


I love how she “feels” your needs right away. Her intuition is extremely well-developed and I would trust and recommend her warmly. I would not have entered the essential oil world, if it had not been for Tiffany. I felt safe and secure with her supporting me every step of the way and I look forward to continuously working and learning from her. She is my oil mentor and I promise you that you will be forever grateful to have her in your life because she has her heart in the right place. Tiffany learned the hard way that life is so precious and could end so abruptly,  so she lives with a deep sense of life purpose which is to help improve people's health and lives. THAT is her life's mission and that’s the energy she brings into every conversation: passion, knowledge and purpose."

"I love how Tiffany 'feels' your need right away"

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