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Fragile Pampas


What you may not realise is that unwanted
Limiting Beliefs, Traumatic Events, and Life-long Habits 
stored in your subconscious mind are preventing you from living your purpose.
You're here because you deserve to...


Do you feel vulnerable?

Do you feel weighed down by guilt or shame?

Do you feel stagnated, stuck?

Do you feel like you are just not reaching your full potential?

You are not alone.

Many people need just a little hope to overcome 

Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Weight Management, Fears & Phobias,

and so much more, so they can start living a life of true purpose

and harness the energy around them to create a life of abundance.​

How Can I Help You?

Hello, I'm  Tiffany Spalding .

I blend my deep empathic intuition 

with the profound works of Rapid Transformational Therapy

and the holistic natural healing powers of Essential oils,

to help hundreds of clients just like you transform their lives by overcoming suppressed trauma 

that was holding them back from living their true purpose.

I have a passion for healing people and I have honed my unique technique to ensure optimum results that form deep connections that ensure you can live your purpose, and harness the energy around you to create a life of abundance you deserve.


It's NOT Your Fault

If you are personally struggling to cope, to find your purpose in life and nothing you' do seems to be able to help,

I want you to know that it's NOT your fault.

It's not that you're not strong enough, it's not that you're lazy or don't have the will power, or that there is anything wrong with any support you have had so far.

The REAL problem is that you haven't had the right KEY to unlock your subconscious mind to get to the problem at the root cause.

My NEW technique of blending empathic intuition, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and natural Essential oils as a professional life coach, has proven results in helping hundreds of people just like you achieve Life Changing results! 

A Short Story

I believe in alignment and synchronicity and that you are reading these words for a reason.

You didn't come here by sheer coincidence, but by divine intervention.

I have devoted my life to helping people. Learning about how to tap into and reprogram peoples subconscious minds has helped people resolve life-long issues and given them a new life - one free of stress, guilt and shame.

After years of working with clients of all ages with a wide variety of different issues, I have finally manifested my best ever work; a journey of reinvention, self discovery and taking back what matters most to you!

Don't Miss Out!

I am however experiencing HUGE demand for my innovative therapy and already have a waiting list with repeat clients so I am currently only taking on ONE new client per month with my current workload.


So if you choose not to secure your spot as one of my new clients NOW, I can't guarantee that there will be available spaces by the time you're ready. You may have to wait months before we can work together!

Why Choose Me?

You are in safe and gentle hands.

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