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Fragile Pampas


You only get ONE life, and YOU get to choose HOW to live it.

Learn to harness the energy around you to your will to create a life of complete abundance and fulfilment.

Create a world free of stress and guilt. A life pure, full of prosperity.

One that so many dream of, but few can create.

I will be your compass.

What you may not realise is that unwanted
Limiting Beliefs, Traumatic Events, and Life-long Habits 
stored in your subconscious mind are preventing you from living your purpose.
You're here because you deserve to...



So many people go through life alone, struggling in silence. Feeling helpless and vulnerable. So many of us aren't even aware that we are being completely held back by limiting beliefs, suppressed trauma and life long addictions stored in our subconscious mind. Most people suffer not even realising that they have a problem and that their problem can be solved - giving them a new found power, so that they can strive forward boldly, ready to take back control of their life.

Most people just need a little HOPE to overcome: anxiety, depression, addictions, weight management, fears & phobias, which is what I believe I have put on this earth to give...



Prioritise their purpose with

Energetic evolution

Hello, I'm  Tiffany Spalding .

Qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Essential Oil Specialist and Professional Life Coach.

By blending my deep empathic intuition with the profound works of Rapid Transformational Therapy alongside the natural holistic healing powers of essential oils, i have helped hundreds of clients like you transform their lives and become free from life long issues they didn't believe could be solved.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Mrs H

“Tiffany had a near death experience and I am sure that a higher power wanted her to survive because she has much more to share with the world. Essential Oils being one of those gifts. I am so blown away by Tiffany’s  knowledge on essential oils, her warm personality and her passion about everything she does.


Tiffany is one of those people who goes the extra mile for her clients. She held my hand

virtually though the whole process from  logging on to the

doTERRA website and finding out how to order oils. Tiffany

is your human encyclopedia and is extremely service-minded.

I have texted her night, days and weekends and her response

time is always within hours.


I love how she “feels” your needs right away. Her intuition is extremely well-developed and I would trust and recommend her warmly. I would not have entered the essential oil world, if it had not been for Tiffany. I felt safe and secure with her supporting me every step of the way and I look forward to continuously working and learning from her. She is my oil mentor and I promise you that you will be forever grateful to have her in your life because she has her heart in the right place. Tiffany learned the hard way that life is so precious and could end so abruptly,  so she lives with a deep sense of life purpose which is to help improve people's health and lives. THAT is her life's mission and that’s the energy she brings into every conversation: passion, knowledge and purpose."

I love how Tiffany 'feels' your need right away

It's NOT Your Fault

If you are personally struggling to cope, to find your purpose in life and nothing you do seems to be able to help,

I want you to know that it's NOT your fault.

It's not that you're not strong enough, it's not that you're lazy or don't have the will power.

The REAL problem is that you haven't had the KEY to unlock your subconscious mind to get to the problem at the root cause.

But with my NEW technique of blending empathic intuition, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and natural Essential oils as a professional life coach, I will up-level and align you with your divine purpose so that you can live life your way, no matter what.

Why me?

I don't believe in coincidences.

I believe in alignment and synchronicity and that you are reading these words for a reason.

You didn't come here by sheer coincidence, but by divine intervention.

I have devoted my life to helping people. Learning about how to tap into and reprogram the human mind has enabled me to help people resolve life-long issues and given them a new life - a profound experience allowing them to operate at their full potential and truly live a fulfilled life - one free of stress, guilt and shame.

After years of working with clients of all ages with a wide variety of different issues, I have finally manifested my best ever work; a journey of reinvention, self discovery and taking back what matters most to you!

No one can has, or ever will be you...This is your time. You're the gem. It's your game and you have so much to play for.

Don't Miss Out!

I am however experiencing HUGE demand for my innovative therapy and already have a waiting list with repeat clients so I am currently only taking on ONE new client per month with my current workload.


So if you choose not to secure your spot as one of my new clients NOW, I can't guarantee that there will be available spaces by the time you're ready. You may have to wait months before we can work together!

You are in safe and gentle hands.

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