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Fragile Pampas

88  Day  Total  Life  Mastery  Program

Where Diamonds are Made



Many women I have spoken to in recent times are feeling disempowered and disconnected.

The majority of whom are in lack-lustre relationships or in soul destroying jobs. Or both!

They feel as if they have lost their identity and question the purpose & meaning of their lives. 

The overriding theme is one of utter hopelessness, feeling overwhelmed, unseen, unheard and misunderstood.


They are emotionally drained and physically exhausted as they are trying to be all things to all people, juggling countless roles and putting far too much pressure & expectations on themselves. 


They have no boundaries and their relationship with themselves, time and others is completely out of balance and they have lost sight of their long term vision & dreams. 


Does This Sound Like You?

Every time you say “yes” to someone or something else this means saying “no”  to yourself! 

Therefore you are dishonouring your soul and feeling disconnected and out of alignment at your core.

This leads to resentment, regret and debilitating procrastination which creates unwanted destructive habits that have a negative knock-on effect across all your relationships. 


You have lost your magic & sparkle

In doing so, you have become a shadow of your former self and your inner critic’s voice gets louder each day!


Disconnected from your higher self. 

Plagued by insecurities and imposter syndrome. 


Constant mis-management of your precious & finite energy leads to vibrating at a low frequency which then attracts the very things you are trying to avoid by operating in a consistently negative state.


Why You Feel This Way

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”  - RUMI

But Not All Hope is Lost

As a Society, we have grown up being taught to “always do the right thing”...

“Right” by who’s definition and standards? 

And at what cost?


Clinging to people and holding on to parts of your life that don’t feel right to you means holding on to discomfort, pain, unhappiness and dis-ease that is restricting your inner peace, joy and vitality.


SOLITAIRE has been brought to life to save you from living a life of limited beliefs. 


Tiffany leads with love and lights the way showing you how to release, surrender and let go.  

In doing so you will make space to speak, heal, feel and re-design your one FULL life filled with only that which feels right to YOU!  


Hopeful | Heartful | Helpful | Mindful | Soulful | Colourful | Grateful | Wonderful 

You are an Indestructible life force!  

One word, one decision can change your life.


SOLITAIRE is your personal pathway to liberating self-empowerment and inner peace.  

A program designed to show you that here absolutely IS another way. 


YOUR way!

If your life feels hard.

  If you feel numb.  

If your heart feels cold and closed.  

If communication feels difficult.  

If relationships feel complicated. 

If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. 

 I you can’t see the light…

SOLITAIRE represents everlasting love.  

To love, respect and value yourself.  

To love, respect and value your time and

to love, respect and value the people treat you right!

SOLITAIRE is built on a solid, stable foundation of pure HOPE, LOVE + LIGHT and is powerful inspiring proof that your life will feel exciting, beautiful, colourful, seamless and bright again!  

Your pain and suffering have an important life-changing message, purpose and gift  FOR you...

The only way OUT is THROUGH.

Tiffany shares her transformational teachings and life saving tactile tool kit to get you through. 


SOLITAIRE is the result of many trialled, trusted and proven energetic and emotional intelligence techniques and practices studied and successfully implemented in Tiffany’s life as she re-built her whole new integrated holistic healthy life.


SOLITAIRE is your route to an authentic, peaceful, hope and joy filled experience of how you want to live your days.

Through an in-depth, enlightening journey of self discovery, you will soon see that you have not given your power away, rather you have forgotten that you possessed such phenomenal power to begin with! 


As you find your rhythm, you will effortlessly release, reframe, re-set, ground and realign at soul level, at the depth of your core - what makes the very essence of you.


Following each of your sessions, you will experience a paradigm shift and will emerge with a new point of view (v-you!)



88 Day Total Life Mastery Program

Enhanced Personality = Upgraded personal reality

You will recognise that you matter, 

that you are significant, interesting, and worthy. 

Your life, time & energy are the most precious gifts. You are here for a reason. 

Your contribution is significant. 

Your presence is a present to the world and to all those around you. 


SOLITAIRE will inspire you to clearly refine your life to define how you spend each and every precious day.

You will solidify new abundant thought patterns and elevate your life like you never have before!


You will not recognise yourself in the best possible way!

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Lucy T, United Kingdom

After my first RTT session, I found myself more able to question my thoughts and really challenge them after applying the thinking Tiff taught me.


I found listening to the recordings Tiff sent me very helpful! Especially before bed.  After listening to the recording for about 2 weeks, I noticed that my confidence in myself grew, and that I’d regained a lot of my ambition and passion that I’d lost!


I had a lot more confidence in my own decisions and choices, and began to regain my passion for playwriting! 

It’s now about 4-5 months since my first RTT session and I am so glad that I decided to go through with it! I’ve found myself more able to cope with situations that previously would’ve been too stressful for me to deal with, and throw myself into situations that previously I would’ve avoided entirely!

I’m in a much better place now than I was about 6 months ago.

Phase 1: Discovery

This part of your journey is all about discovery.


Identifying what it is you want to achieve in your introductory deep dive discovery call with Tiffany and mapping out a plan.


You will then have your first Hypnotherapy session where you will be put under hypnosis and guided to bring to light any subconscious trauma currently holding you back and sabotaging your growth.


After your Hypnotherapy session you will receive a BONUS personalised audio recording to enhance your progression as you let go of limiting beliefs and start to unlock your true potential.


Tiffany will also work with you intimately across two 1 to 1 coaching sessions where she will begin to peel back the layers of your life on all fronts.

In the discovery phase, you will also receive your FREE LIFETIME access to The Fuel Station, where you can begin to tap into Tiffany's magical world, full of transformative, life-enhancing resources.

Phase 2: Unlock

It's time to unlock.


Unlock the truth behind what's really been holding you back.

And unlock the true you, the you that has been trapped deep inside of you, suppressed for so long, screaming to come out.


You will have your second Hypnotherapy session, to access your subconscious mind and unlock a state of mind that you've always dreamed of, so that you can start to live in true alignment with the universe and operate at the highest vibrational frequency.


Get ready for 3 more private coaching sessions with Tiff as she works with you on the deepest level to rewire your thought patterns and guide you to the space you need to be in to become your best you.


You will also be introduced to the mystical and magical world of Essential Oils and receive a bespoke tailored oil recommendation package, where Tiffany will provide you with the top oils for you to shine based on your specific desired outcomes. 

Phase 3: Transcend

Now, it's time to transcend.


You've discovered what was holding you back, you've unlocked parts of yourself you didn't even know you could access and you have rewired your brain with abundant and rich energetic thought patterns.

Now it's time to take it to the next level.


You will work with Tiff across another 2 intimate coaching sessions to put everyThing you've discovered into action.

You have all the tools you need, you are a diamond and you're shining.


The weight of the world has been lifted and you feel free, liberated and ready to live your life the way you want.


Additionally you will be provided with a final Hypnotherapy session depending on whether or not you feel it is necessary.

How Solitaire Works

You need to be free of your limiting beliefs, your energy needs to be redirected and most importantly your soul need to be realigned with your true vision.

What You'll Get

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A chs

Image by Chelsea Gates



Personalised oil recommendations from an expert in the field so you can know which oils will instantly boost your mood and sooth your soul.

Image by Shant Dem



Skip the waiting list and secure a guaranteed spot on on Tiffany's soulful retreat on the beautiful Adriatic coast





8 private sessions with Tiffany to work together on the deepest, most intimate level as you go on your journey to rediscovering your identity and start living abundantly

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Woman Sleeping



These are extremely powerful and transformative tools in rewiring neural pathways for deep healing that work alongside your Hypnotherapy sessions





The heart and soul of Tiffany's being. A place where you can get all the resources and ideas needed to consciously create your life, all in one place.

Digital Book



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Total Value = £32,634

This is how much I would usually charge for this program but don't worry because you won't pay anything near that! Instead, I am currently offering it to you now for only 


Are You Ready?

I typically see 3 types of people who are interested in working with me

1) There are those who are not willing to invest in themselves just yet and that’s okay, it may not be the right time for them. I'm sure our paths will cross again when they are ready.

2) There may be those who think they can soldier on through life on their own, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders with no help and hoping that eventually things will work out.

3) Then we have those of you who know the value of investing in yourself.

You understand that proper guidance is the key to instrumental growth.

You know that this is the change you need, you feel it deep inside of you and your soul is longing for the chance to shine.


You've been searching for so long, and you're finally here.

This is your time.

You are the souls I want to up-level, and guide as we fulfil your deepest desires and dreams and create a new world, a new life - crafted in your minds eye.

Keep in Mind...

The work that I do with my clients is so powerFULL and transformative that I have chosen to only take on one additional client per month to ensure that I connect with my clients on the deepest level, giving them my unparalleled, undivided attention, providing them with a completely personalised and profound experience as I guide them on their journey of self-discovery and divine elevation.

If you truly feel that this program is for you make sure you don't miss out! I would hate for you not to have a spot ******

This is a profound 88 day transcendence of the mind, body and soul and may not be suitable for everyone.

Only those of you who are willing to surrender yourself to the process and commit your energy to your future self should consider it. 


88 Day Total Life Mastery Program

What's Included:

3x 90 minute Hypnotherapy sessions

8x 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Tiffany

3x Personalised subconscious neural reprogramming audio recordings

Bespoke tailored oil recommendation package

FREE Ultimate Oil Companion Guide

FREE LIFETIME access to The Fuel Station


I have whole-heartedly put all of my being into making this Solitaire Program as transformative and powerful as possible and I am confident that you will be in awe at the change you see in yourself and your life when you start your journey with me.

Couple of Kangaroos

Jacqui, Australia

Tiffany truly is the most inspiring person you will ever meet. She has an amazing way of making you realise your worth!

Image by Benjamin Davies

Natasha S, United Kingdom

Tiffany has literally been the 'angel' on my shoulder,  her understanding of feelings and emotions is something I have not experienced with anyone

Image by Vitalijs Barilo

Sam T, United Kingdom

Tiffany is very skilled and works with a high degree of intuition and empathy. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

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