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Shine bright like


the Diamond you are!

Fragile Pampas

Welcome beautiful soul...'re here because you deserve to...

Do you find yourself asking ...

You need to know what it feels like to live in alignment with your divine purpose.

You are longing to understand how to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

You want to unlock your highest-self and operate on a higher vibrational frequency.

You need to take back your identity by letting go of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage.


Become who you were Meant to be

Learn to harness the energy around you to create a world of liberating freedom and experience life with a whole new meaning when you become a Diamond.


Empower yourself, take back control and feel the magic of life when you're passionately living in true synchronicity with the universe.


Learn to set energetic boundaries in your relationships and regain your self worth.

I will teach you how to feel, to fully utilise the wind beneath your wings to reach new heights and evolve into the greatest version of you.

I've witnessed so many beautiful transformations and seen what happens when people are intentionally empowered to harness the energy around them, to set energetic boundaries in their life and relationships, as they regain their self-worth and start passionately living in true synchronicity with the universe and their purpose.

You too can feel the magic unfold as you harness the pressure within to become a Diamond! 

Discover the key!

If these words resonate with you - I want you to know that you are not alone! 

If, like so many of my clients, you find yourself struggling to cope with everyday life, feeing pressured by society, overwhelmed by expectations, not having enough time to see the light, to see any positivity in your current situation, stuck or just wanting more out of your life and your relationships - I need you to know that it's ok to want to be happy!

I need you to know that not only are you not alone but you are also not aware of what is holding you back, so have been at a disadvantage from the start.

Are you ready to discover the key to become who you were meant to be?


The reason you are where you are is because your brain's primary role, it's one job, is to keep you safe. To do that, your brain does everything on autopilot, continuously running beliefs inherited from your past experiences, thinking that it's protecting you when in reality it's what's holding you back - and you are completely unaware it's happening.

To break this pattern you need a key that will help tap into your subconscious mind and get to the root-cause so that you can rewire your neural pathways and free yourself from the chains that are keeping you from unlocking your highest-self. 

Solitaire - Life Mastery Program is your key.

Hello, I'm     Tiffany Spalding.

Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Relationship Restoration and Rejuvenation Specialist, Professional Life Coach and Essential Oil Expert.

By blending my deep empathic intuition with the profound techniques of Rapid Transformational Therapy alongside the natural holistic healing powers of essential oils, I have developed a unique Life Mastery Transformation Program called Solitaire.


My Solitaire program that has helped countless individuals transform their lives and become free from life long issues they didn't realise they had or believe could be resolved.

Tiffany Spalding doTERRA
RTT certificate.jpeg
Mental Health Cert.png

I will be your guide in consciously creating your life by helping you with unresolved issues that allow you to find your purpose so that you can live with deliberate intention and

truly come Alive!

As Seen On...

Image by Mathyas Kurmann

Tiffany had a near death experience and I am sure that a higher power wanted her to survive because she has much more to share with the world.

I love how she “feels” your needs right away. Her intuition is extremely well-developed and I would trust and recommend her warmly.

I felt safe and secure with her supporting me every step of the way and I look forward to continuously working and learning from her. She is my oil mentor and I promise you that you will be forever grateful to have her in your life because she has her heart in the right place.


Tiffany learned the hard way that life is so precious and could end so abruptly,  so she lives with a deep sense of life purpose which is to help improve people's health and lives. THAT is her life's mission and that’s the energy she brings into every conversation: passion, knowledge and purpose.

Mrs H, Denmark


Its your time to shine...

No one can, has or ever will be you...

This is your time, your life and the clock is ticking. If you listen quietly you will hear it.

You won't get to experience your fullest potential as the future version of you without working on the version of you that is you right now.

All you have is Now!

Your future is created by what you choose to do now, today, in this moment.

You can never get to the "future" you without acting in the present. You only live in the present so gift yourself the best present ever.

Invest in you...your Best you!

I believe in alignment and synchronicityI don't believe in coincidences.

I believe you are reading these words for a reason.

I believe you didn't come here by sheer coincidence, but by divine synchronicity.

I have devoted my life to helping people improve their lives and up-level their relationships. I've specialised in learning how to tap into and reprogram the human mind to help people resolve life-long issues and give them a new life, allowing them to operate at their full potential and truly live a fulfilled life - one free of stress, guilt and shame.

After years of working with clients of all ages with a wide variety of different issues, I have finally manifested my best ever work; a journey of reinvention, self-discovery and taking back what matters most to you!

What will it mean to you to reach your full potential and achieved the life of your dreams? 

Decide if you are 100% dedicated to commit to yourself in the best way possible


Decide if you are ready to say Yes to you!

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