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dōTERRA® Essential Oils

What Are dōTERRA® Essential Oils?

Essential oils are vital for supporting and enhancing all aspects of our health and well-being including brain health.

It takes 22 seconds for essential oil molecules to reach the brain. 

In 2 minutes, essential oils are in the blood stream.

In 20 minutes, essential oils affect every cell in the body.


Techniques such as steam distillation, cold-pressing and solvent extraction enable essential oils to be used for powerful and diverse healing benefits to Humans. 


Although essential oils come in small bottles, they are incredibly potent and are 50-70 times more effective than using the complete plant. 

For example, just 1 drop of dōTERRA’s peppermint oil has the equivalent impact on the body as 28 cups of peppermint tea. The smallest dose has an enormous effect on your health and wellness.

Essential oils have a chemical footprint similar to the human body.  Every essential oil has different chemical properties that interact synergistically with the human body mentally, emotionally, physically + spiritually. 

Within 2 minutes of applying oils to the skin they are in the bloodstream and within 20 minutes they are in every cell in the body.  

By placing just a few drops of oil into a diffuser, this totally transforms and uplifts the atmosphere in any environment within minutes. 

Essential oils encourage the body back into a state of wellness, relaxation and stimulation and have the ability to shift your state almost instantly.

Essential oils are so much more than a holistic fad or a way of making your home smell nice. They are medicinal gifts of the earth that have been used worldwide for thousands of years and produce tangible health benefits free of harmful side effects.

How Would Using dōTERRA® Essential Oils Change Your Life?

The profound and almost mystical powers of Essential Oils can quite literally change your life. They can be anything you need them to be; instant mood lifters, wound healers, stress relievers, the list is endless.

I have seen it time and time again, people coming to me unsure of the oils and what they can truly do and within days of using them completely rejuvenate and transform their health in every aspect. 

Physically, the oils can work wonders on injuries, treat wounds and fix life-long issues. The results are astounding.

Emotionally, the oils can completely calm you down and bring back tranquility to your life when you need it most.

The oils will create a safe space for you where you can feel rejuvenated and empowered so that you can tackle each and every day head on!

Spiritually, the oils are here to help you reconnect with yourself and discover true inner peace. There is nothing quite like the sanctuary of bliss the oils provide and I truly feel blessed to have them in my life and be able to spread the gift of their magic to you!

Essential Oils Saved My Life

What Can dōTERRA® Essential Oils Help You With?


Responsibilities include: Immune, Digestive, Respiratory systems; heart rate, blood pressure andsexual arousal. It contains three anatomically distinct divisions: sympathetic, parasympathetic, and enteric. 



Responsibilities include the brain & spinal cord, receiving, processing, and responding to sensory information. 













Don't Wait!

I am honoured to mentor, guide and share the wealth of Essential oil knowledge that has quite literally changed and saved every aspect of my life.  

My Biologic Holistic Dentist was so impressed with the effect the oils have had in keeping some serious dental issues I have under control that he has incorporated the use of these powerful essential oils within his Practice. 

The Holistic Vet that we use for our dogs joined dōTERRA on my recommendation too.  

I share this with you not to impress you, but to impress upon you how having Professionals such as these use the oils within their businesses is a testament to the purity, potency and professionalism of partnering with dōTERRA.


I believe there has never been a more important or crucially needed time to help those in our community and show how to find natural, effective, safe and affordable solutions which will deliver a sense of empowerment, inner peace, immediate relief and improved overall health globally. 


When you open your wholesale account you will receive discounted wholesale pricing for your oils and products, with extensive education and personal guidance from me. 

Access to your own private online shopping portal, 

shipment of your chosen essentials to an address of your choosing and an incredible global community of fellow oil lovers online.  


My intention is to share my passion and knowledge on how to use the oils effectively and safely as part of your primary and preventative healthcare approach. 

I am honoured to be a dōTERRA® essential oil specialist and hope to inspire you discover how these incredible bottles of pure plant magic equip our bodies with a stronger immune system, bring harmony to our hormones, inspire movement, and offer soothing support to our muscles and joints. 

You will soon come to experience how they provide enhanced clarity and vision to our thought process, gift us with increased levels of energy and vitality day after day and can be a complete saviour in providing the perfect environment to benefit from sound slumber night after night.

How Can I Get Started With dōTERRA® Essential Oils?

If you are passionate about investing in your health, leading a more natural and sustainable lifestyle and in playing the long-game, you are in exactly the right place!  I would love help you learn how to use Essential oils to support your health and your home.  You can do this either as a Wholesale Customer or if would like to become a Wellness Advocate and start your own business to create an income under my guidance, I would love to have you alongside me.


They can be used for 90% to 95% of common wellness issues, and are natural, safe, effective, and more affordable than modern synthetic solutions. 


By incorporating ssential oils in your life, you will transition from expensive, short-term solutions to 100% natural highly effective sustainable solutions which will help you enjoy a higher level of wellness, energy, and vitality overall.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist, the work I do with the mind is profound but no matter how content you are, life has its daily ups & downs. Essential oils provide the every day emotional and physical clutch for people and restore instant hope to the soul.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

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