Frequently asked questions

What is RTT?

RTT® is a distinctive therapeutic approach based on neuroscience, combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT). As a comprehensive solution-based therapy, RTT® has been recognised for its unparalleled results. RTT® offers a comprehensive range of transformational techniques, including command therapy, to activate the body's innate ability to heal and restore itself to wellness from a cellular level. Science has proven with neuroplasticity that we can actually rewire our minds, which is why it has the most powerful potential on the planet. Using RTT® to access the almighty subconscious mind, we can create new neural pathways and replace old limiting beliefs and behaviours with new empowering ones.

What is the difference between Talk therapy, Hypnotherapy and RTT®?

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, known to produce a transformative effect on clients. However the RTT® method goes beyond traditional hypnotherapy, diagnosing what works best with clients to build a new highly effective therapeutic approach. Unlike many hypnotherapy treatments, RTT® does not rely solely on positive reinforcement. RTT® therapy gets to the root cause of an issue, giving the clients the most liberating understanding and transformative power to achieve dramatic long lasting results. People who have heard of the RTT® method, but not experienced it for themselves, sometimes think it sounds similar to Neuro-Linguistic Processing (NLP). It’s true that both NLP and RTT® can teach you how to better dialogue with your mind, and understand the difference between what your subconscious and conscious mind believe. However, RTT® has the added—and crucial—step of also directly accessing and fixing whatever blocks may be there. It has the addition of ‘The Transformation’, developed by Marisa Peer herself. Using specific RTT® therapy methods, clients are able to reach breakthroughs that would not be possible with other techniques.

How quickly will I see results?

Every person is different. There are 3 types of change following an RTT session: Iimmediate: Some experience a massive shift right away. I have literally seen clients have their life-changing 'a-ha' moment and it's as if the light has just come on. They visibly display immediate changes in their physiology, thoughts and behaviors from just one session. Incremental: Changes and shifts are noticed and felt daily and over a period of time. Retroactive: Shifts are not visible right away but one day you look back and suddenly see very clearly all of the things that are different and how far you have come.

How does RTT® work?

Breakthroughs are achieved by understanding and fixing the root cause, rather than just addressing the symptoms of the presenting issue. This is why RTT® has such a permanent all-pervasive impact, as it erases and eradicates issues at the core for life-changing benefits. As an RTT® therapist, I am equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just in teaching how to communicate with the subconscious mind, but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages there may be and reprogramming your mind for success.

How long has RTT® been around?

Marisa Peer has been developing, testing and perfecting this method over three decades, with real clients from royalty to rockstars, olympic athletes to overeaters and everything in between. Due to the global success and accreditation of RTT®, Marisa began training students in 2016.

Do I need to do anything?

Yes. While the session uncovers the root cause and enables you to reframe and rewire your mind, in order for these effects to be lasting, you need to be committed to listening to your bespoke 20-25 minute recording each day for at least 21-66 days after the session. It takes 21-66 days+ to rewire neural pathways and permanently change behaviours. I would also strongly advise that you allow yourself time after your session to really rest and reflect on what is uncovered. Often clients feel wiped out and emotionally exhausted so just need time to process it all. You may continue to release thoughts and emotions over the few days following your session. Taking a day off work if possible is advised so you can set yourself up for your new life post RTT®!

How long does an RTT® session Take?

The actual RTT® session itself will take 1.5-2 hours. However, there are a number of steps that happen throughout the process, outlined as follows: • Discovery call (15 mins) • Completion of client in-take form (the more detailed, the better!) (15 mins+) • Outcome alignment call (30 mins) • RTT® session via zoom or in person (90-120 mins) • Listen to recording daily, ideally twice daily time permitting (20-40 mins) • Progress check-ins as follows- • Day 3 check in (message) • Day 7check in (message) • Day 14 check in call • Day 28 progress review call • Aftercare support and mentoring as needed - related to specific condition • I am always available if you need to talk something through outside of these progress points. These check-in points are a guideline.

How does RTT work and is it effective when it is done online?

The RTT® process is so effective as you are gently and swiftly guided into a trance, where your mind is highly suggestible. This is when you can influence it by providing positive empowering suggestions that can shift your beliefs and behaviors. In addition, hypnosis is a process that is relaxing and soothing all by itself. It is not magic, it’s science. This state of relaxed concentration is perfectly normal and accessed often throughout the day every time you get lost in thought or ‘zone out’. Hypnosis simply helps you activate that state much more quickly. RTT® when done online via Zoom is just as effective, and often better than when done in person as you are in the comfort of your own home so feel more relaxed from the start.

What if we lose connection during an online RTT® session?

If our online session gets disconnected, you may eventually notice that you’re not hearing my voice so will open your eyes. Zoom will automatically reconnect us once the internet connection has been re-established. Although disconnections don’t happen often, it is quite possible. The important thing to remember is I will be right with you again in moments and we can effortlessly resume your session.