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Health & Safety Disclaimer


if you are in a crisis, desperate or if you or any other person may be in danger. 

Help is immediately available to you in an Emergency from:

If you need to share your precise location with anyone or the authorities please use: 


National Emergency phone number:  999

National crisis response number:  116 123

The Samaritans:  08457 90 90 90

CHILDLINE:  0800 1111

Violence & Crime: 0845 30 30 900

Woman’s Aid Domestic Helpline:  08457 023468

Your Life Counts:

If you are not based in the UK, that doesn’t mean resources do not exist for your country.

Don’t give up, there is some form of help available in your Community.  Even if you can talk to someone you trust – a friend, family member, neighbour, mentor, religious or community leader, colleague, or a health care professional, help is absolutely available to you.

Alcoholics Anonymous:  0845 769 7555

Cruse Bereavement Care:  0870 1671677

Family Line:  0808 800 5678

Farmers in Difficulty:  07002 326326

National Debt Helpline:  0808 084000

National Drugs Helpline:  0800 77 66 00

Papyrus Hopeline:  0870 1704000

Sexuality:  020 7837 7324

Client Interaction

During an in-person Hypnotherapy Session, the Client, who will remain conscious and in complete control throughout grants permission to Tiffany Spalding trading as Mind Unwind to respectfully lift their /their child’s arm, touch their/their child’s shoulder, or rock their/their child’s head during their Rapid Transformational Therapy session(s) in order to help facilitate the deepening process.


In hypnosis, the Client will be regressed back to review childhood scenes/memories as this is crucial to help discover the root cause of a current or presenting issue.  Such regression may expose hidden or suppressed feelings, emotions or actions but in a safe and controlled manner where the Client will be kept completely safe and reassured at all times.  Tiffany Spalding trading as Mind Unwind and the Client will work together in hypnosis to get an understanding of where the belief and behaviour originated with the purpose to re-program the neural pathways of the brain by reinstalling positive beliefs.

The Client has read and agreed to Terms and Conditions described herein and as set out in the Terms & Conditions and Medical Disclaimer

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