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Self-care Saturdays and the importance of setting healthy boundaries!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Welcome to self-care Saturday! 

Given that this week has been Mental Health with the main focus being kindness, there is no better topic than self-love and why it is so important and crucial to set healthy boundaries in all areas of your life! 

I once read that “We are emotional beings having a human experience”. 

If you take emotion out of everything, nothing means anything! 

I specialise in two independent areas but they compliment each other perfectly.

I am a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist as well as an Essential Oil Specialist with doTERRA Essential Oils. My passion is empowering clients to become the masters of their minds and show them how to incorporate the use of pure essential oils to manage their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis. 

Your mind is hard-wired to resist what is unfamiliar and return to what is familiar.  

The mind works by repetition and what you focus on, you get more of so it is imperative that you get into the habit of practising self-care.

Learning to say “no" was something I struggled with for most of my life until I learned (the hard way) that if you’re feeling over-loaded, constantly saying "yes" can lead to anxiety and ill health. Once you learn how to politely say no, you'll feel in control, and you'll have more time for your self-care which is the most important thing.


It is the act of listening to your mind and body.  

Giving your whole self love + gratitude as well as keeping fit and healthy.  

Recognising when you need help and not being afraid to reach out and ask for it.  

No matter how indulgent/selfish or cliche the term may sound, self-care is crucial for our physical, mental and emotional well being.  

Smart self-care habits like eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting sufficient quality sleep, connecting with a loved one or, practicing meditation cuts down the toxic effects of stress by improving your mood and boosting your energy and confidence levels.

Self-care is vitally important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too. 

When you respect yourself, others will respect you more.  



The following Essential Oils are helpful in taking back your power so you can live in alignment with your own values.

Cedarwood 🖤 Provides comfort to the soul that you are safe and protected. Cedarwood helps those who struggle to form social connections. It opens the heart so we may feel the love and support of others. It helps us to feel like we belong and rid our souls of impressions of loneliness and isolation

Cinnamon🖤 Dispels fears and helps you feel powerful.  You will feel confident that no-one can harm you.  It restores joy and supports sexual health. It encourages us to be honest and vulnerable in our relationships, allowing intimacy to flourish, while also supporting us in sustaining healthy boundaries. It also has been known to rekindle desire that has been lost due to trauma or abuse.

Clove 🖤 The Oil of Boundaries.  Clove is an empowering oil that encourages you to stand up for yourself.  It reminds you that you have the power to take charge of your life, and have a right to set high standards.

Coriander 🖤 The Oil of Integrity.  Gently helps you to be honest with yourself.  Coriander is an excellent support for those of us who are people-pleasers or who have lost sight of

who we are and can’t find joy in the lives we’ve created. It is also especially useful for emotional eaters. Emotionally, it teaches us that we can be happy as we are and do not need to repress our emotions.

Frankincense 🖤 The Oil of Truth.  Clears low vibrations, such as anger from the spirit.  

Frankincense helps us to connect to our inner spirits. It helps rid us of spiritual darkness and mental deception by helping us see the light within and remember our talents and potential. It improves our attitudes and intuition. Also, frankincense reminds us that we are loved and not forgotten. Frankincense is helpful for anyone who is struggling with issues with a father, either temporal or spiritual.

Ginger 🖤 The Oil of Empowerment.  Creates movement, so you can be prepared to step out and apply what you learn.  Ginger is the ultimate encourager. It helps us to live in the present and seize the day. It empowers us to achieve the potential we were destined to fulfill. Just as ginger oil promotes physical digestion, it encourages healthy digestion of uncomfortable challenges and supports resolution of gut-related anxiety.

Marjoram🖤 Helps to open your heart and be vulnerable with people who genuinely love and support you.  Will also guide you to protect your heart against individuals who intend to take advantage of you.  Provides discernment so that you know who to and who not to allow in your space.

Tea Tree 🖤 The Oil of Energetic Boundaries.  Creates boundaries that allow for healthy relationships to enter your space, and keeps out dysfunctional relationships.

Wild Orange 🖤 The Oil of Abundance.  Wild oranges instills the belief that you can accomplish your dreams, it looks more than possible; it looks inevitable. 

An important note:  Often we cling to the emotional properties of wild orange being the oil of abundance. Though if we are submerged in limitations when we use wild orange, we may be inviting an abundance of limitations. 

So it is really important to clear your limitations first, then use your wild orange for abundance.

*Always dilute and pay attention to ‘hot’ oils when applying to the skin as they need to be heavily diluted and not put on any sensitive areas. 

Also be aware of photosensitive oils (in particular Bergamot and citrus oils).

With eternal gratitude to the legendary Desiree Mangandog for her invaluable wisdom on how essential oils work and connect with our emotions.

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