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Tiffany Spalding

My passion has always been to give hope to those who feel hopeless.  To shine my light in order for anyone lost in the dark to find their way back to their authentic self. 

It would seem this has always been my purpose, now made possible through life's hardships leading to the creation of Mind Unwind, for which I remain eternally grateful. 

I warmly invite you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy exploring my website whilst discovering how I help people to live life in alignment with their core values and beliefs.

Welcome, I am delighted you are here.

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  • Rapid Transformational Therapist

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

Tiffany Spalding doTERRA
  • Essential Oils Specialist

  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate


"We are beneficiaries of life, not victims of it"

Peter Crone

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Looking back, it was not always so easy or clear to see.  As each year passed, I obliviously became a totally stressed, diluted, burnt out version of my intended self.  Like many of us, I was drowning in unrealistic expectations, assumptions, and all-consuming opinions and judgements of others.  ​

I was merely existing.  Unknowingly on auto-pilot.  Doing everything I thought I 'should' be doing for everyone but myself!  I had lost connection to the most important person in my life; me! 

I had lost connection to the most important person in my life: Me!

My journey to wellness and wholeness began the moment I realised I had no idea who I was or how I got there.  Years spent people-pleasing, deceiving myself and playing the victim led me to repetitive  patterns of critical self-sabotage.  I feared judgement. I feared conflict. I feared failure.  Above all I feared  rejection.  

In order to be liked and not to disappoint, I have always done what I ‘thought’ was the 'right' and safe thing to do.  Not only was I physically and mentally exhausted, I was unfulfilled.  I was tired of living life on other people's terms.  Over time, my self-esteem eroded and I found myself hiding behind a very thin and fragile veneer of confidence.  I had become the ultimate master of disguise, so much so that I no longer recognised myself.

"What YOU are not changing...

...YOU are choosing!"

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Carrying the weight of others

I spent 27 years in the corporate world as an executive Personal Assistant whilst watching as my dedicated husband threw himself, at full speed, into the daily grind. All of this at a price that our health and peace of mind could ill afford.  All the while, I wore the mask that many women bear, struggling to manage constantly fluctuating weight, whilst simultaneously juggling the varying roles, expected of being a working professional with two young children.

Losing the weight of other peoples' opinions was the catalyst to my total transformation from the inside out. 

Like many I'm sure, my journey through life has brought me to and through some major life-changing moments.  For me this included a near fatal car accident in 2012. 

I have been able to transcend my own suffering from these life-defining moments which has allowed me to help others heal but I had to learn how to heal myself first.

The real catalyst to my total inside-out transformation was losing the weight of other peoples' opinions.  Sometimes you simply don't realise the weight of something you have been carrying until you feel the relief of its release. 

Mind Unwind was formed as a direct result of my personal journey from the dark into the light.  My story showcases the every day human struggles as I had to learn how to dissect and overhaul every layer of my life so that I could begin to thrive instead of merely survive.

I now know with unwavering certainty that my purpose in life is to show people how, not only is it possible, but absolutely essential, to get back in the driver's seat and take control of our lives, instead of living life on autopilot, or even worse, as a passenger.  Only then can we be the main character in our story rather than playing a part we didn't audition for!

My greatest hope is that I will show you how you can live your life on purpose and with passion!

My purpose

To give hope to those that feel hopeless. 

I feel incredibly honoured to have found my true calling in life and to be sharing it so profoundly to help change the lives of others.

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I have been trained by Marisa Peer; world renowned Therapist, Child Psychologist, Speaker and best-selling Author. I use Marisa's international ground-breaking method of RTT® combined with my personal experiences and acute powers of intuition to successfully transform lives around the world. 

Marisa was named Best British Therapist by Men's Health magazine, and features in Tatler's Guide to Britain's 250 Best Doctors.  As a comprehensive solution-based therapy, RTT® has been recognised globally for its unparalleled results.

Learn more about RTT® here.

Marisa Peer RTT Tiffany Spalding
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Tiffany Spalding doTERRA

I am naturally inquisitive and always want to know more.  I curiously crave confirmation of every little detail as I am an avid believer that it is the little things that really are the big things in life. 

I find the world of essential oils exciting precisely because of the infinite variety, versatility and complexity of Mother Nature's medicine cabinet. Time spent researching one day in the Autumn of 2017 about how peppermint oil might be able to offer some relief turned out to be THE most productive and life-enhancing search I have ever done.  A complete world of natural health and vitality awaits those ready to embrace it.

Learn more about doTERRA essential oils here.

Tiffany Spalding doTERRA
The Therapist's Therapist

Every therapist needs a therapist and I am blessed to have TWO natural born healers, who come in the form of the four-legged variety.  They bring such joy, laughter and an abundance of colour to my beautiful life.  

Roxi, our diva dog, a Shih Tzu who quite literally thinks she is the Queen and we are her 'people'!

CoCo-Bella is our deeply sensitive and affectionate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is always fully dressed with her favourite toy in her mouth; her Frisbee lovingly named 'Chanel'.  



Both Roxi & Coco-Bella play a special and significant part in my life and take their roles as meeters', greeters' and carers within Mind Unwind very seriously.  


Naturally Roxi and Coco-Bella think everyone is here to see them, not me of course! 


So, please be sure to let me know if you are not comfortable with dogs and I'll stand them down from duty whilst you are visiting.



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